We supply, repair, maintain and install electric fencing, alarm systems, intercoms, gate motors, garage doors, garage door motors, access control, bio metric systems, pepper spray systems, boom gates, turnstiles, CCTV systems and more. Our technical team are experienced in the field and have a vast knowledge to customize an installation to your specific requirements.

Here are some of the services Versatec offers:

SUPPLY, with our vast knowledge of the latest technology available we are able to supply and install all types of security equipment to best suit your application needs. We have trust worthy and knowledgeable technicians that do a complete hand-over of the system installed and answer any questions you may have on the functionality and operation.

FOR ALL THE HANDY MEN/WOMEN OUT THERE, we are more than happy to supply you the products only and have dedicated technicians on standby to give you reliable advice and answer any technical/non-technical questions that may arise.

REPAIR, whether you are looking to have a new system installed or would like to expand on your existing security equipment you have come to the right place. We install a wide range of brands and are able to assist with repairing or expanding virtually any system out there. We have done extensive work through most leading insurance companies to replace or repair equipment that has been damaged due to lightning/surge or physical/accidental damage. Feel free to contact us should you have any specific questions about your current equipment.

MAINTENANCE, we can maintain all of your security equipment. If you are planning on going away on holiday and need your system checked or would just like general maintenance done, we have trustworthy technicians that can run a full diagnosis and advise you of any faults they may find.

COMPLEXES AND BUSINESSES, as with your home it is just as vital to ensure that all of your security equipment is fully functional in your business and complex. We have many different maintenance contracts available that we can customize to suit your needs and will cover all of your existing equipment, and are flexible enough to cover all of your new equipment even after a maintenance contract is in place. We currently maintain a wide variety of complexes and business. Full portfolios and referrals are available on request.

NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE, Due to the day and age we live in we understand that technology is moving in the Fiber, WiFi and App Based direction, for this we have qualified technicians that can assist with many different networking scenarios and can give sound advice or assist with setting up your wired or wireless network. Please contact us should you have any questions.

Are you looking at selling your property?

Versatec has qualified technicians registered with the Department of Labour to issue electric fence compliance certificates. We will provide you with a full report of current installation status and advise you on any additional requirements or best practices to get your property compliant. Please feel free to contact us for any advice or assistance.